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What is this website all about ?

A glimpse about this website and a bit about me

Why did I choose this part of blogging when the world is ahead with AI and ML

I'm a old school person, and I would like to explore every new tech ahead in this world.

Still I find Blogging fascinating, I tried blogging various time .. Failed miserably

I'm a amateur person who is fascinated about diversified world still insecure to try and finding hard to adapt.

This picture taken in 2023 May

Who am I ?

I'm a person who gave up N number of times still, decided to begin this journey of blogging

of my unlearning progress which can't be done with AI or any of modern tech.Evolving up is such a personal aspect which is different for each and every individual.I would like to record my learning progress and share my own test and tried ways which helped me to be a better version me. In this Transformation journey I would like to focus on my Mindset and behaviour and what it took me to achieve it

Stay with me in this journey

Stay connecected with me in this phase.Lets turn the world a better place to live in by helping others and being better version of yourself. World needs this.. World need better people,Evolved souls.Adaptive people to transform world into better place.

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