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why Unlearning?

It took me 10-15 days to come up this title. I wasnt sure of this title for very longtime.

Unlearning old not so useful version of me through Healing my unhealed version of me , Learning new skills and developing my mindset,and to see the growth in physical,emotional,mental of myself.Evolving into better me.

Evolving is something very personal.I'm a slow learner, who has no mentor fully.I'm a shy person.Starting a website itself a big wonder. 16 year old saranya would'nt imagine to have a website on her own.Share her thoughts out publicly.Give a handsup If you are like me .

Unlearning with me

I have a big dream, in order to achieve it, i have to get out of my comfort zone, I have a dream version of me in mental physical and emotional form.It might take a few months to achieve it. I tried a various method and given up N number of times.

But in the confidence to begin it again I've started again

In order to achieve it I have to go through alot in all aspect

I prepared myself to undergo this changes which I learnt from various videos and books

wish me good luck .


Unlearning with me.

I undergone myself into deep thinking and came upto conclusion what changes I would like to see in me

This is current me and what i would like to see myself in near time

To get to the place I desire I have to go through

There are N number of courses I signed up which I havent completed . There are N number of responsiblity but I couldnt do it. I blame my mood swings and people around me rather than taking charge of my life

this website is a proof i took chaarge of my life, came out of my comfort zone

My journey of life

Unlearning > Healing>Learning>Growing

this is the motto of my life.I'm going to be a better person

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