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Looking Back @2023

All hush bush for my wedding march 2023.. Excited for my new phase of life, it was only nervousness, i still have the guilt not enjoying about my wedding as much others did. it was little hard for me to process all happenings, i had a big fat weddings, i was totally not ready for what happened nextt.

I was not prepared for what happened next, right after my honeymoon I got pregnant... damm i was not ready for it ... i was sad .. frustrated.. negative all emotions piled up inside me I was not able to understand.. I coudnt imagine a life me being a mom .... now a mom to an angel my Daughter H


Hard time for my relationship had a tough time to understand my husband...

hard time to accept the fact im responsible for a tiny human

over thinking is not leaving me as if its my shadow

endless scrolling ... mindlessly consuming unrelated content

sleepless night.. crying for no reason and list goes on

Stepped into prenatal depression...worried for many imagnative stuff...

imagining worst thing happens to me and my baby list goess onn

I was 4 week pregnant in this





Touchwood... i dint have much health related uses.. i was completely fine healthy..

i did yoga till my last few days before birth...

physically i was fine.. Mentally i was Shit ..totally Shit..

I started this page.. when i was 5 months pregnant.. But left it as such like always

No confidence... low self esteem..Stuck feel...feeling dependant

Biggest Learnings of 2023

life doesnt go according to planned

acceptance is key

listen to your inner intuition..

Fuck everybody... you aare important

inner child healing..

understand everyone makes mistake...

you will make mistake

mistake is not a murder...

work on yourselff

learn to respond...not to defend..

life sucks..or life amazing...totally depends on you...

work on yourselff regularlyy

heal your trauma

be present... be active

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Looking Back @2023

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